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Captcha Sniper X4.5 Released!

This new update brings Captcha Sniper to a new level of speed and accuracy through its proprietary use of one the fly creation of traning databases for Tesseract.

  • Death By Captcha and Spamvilla integration failover integration (other failovers will be added shortly)
  • New filters image processing filters: add border, bw nearest neighbor
  • Completely new Image Processing and OCR Cores – Now includes the most powerful image filtering and ocr libraries in the universe of universes!
  • Completely new GUI – sleek and modernized to keep you stylish
  • Hundreds of new captchas, new algorithms and higher solve rates for all captcha types!
  • CDK – customized tesseract training creation for a specific captcha type – NEVER SEEN TECHNOLOGY HERE FOLKS — CS IS THE FIRST!
  • CDK – use of Hash values
  • Check for updates from the GUI! ( NOTE  - CS RESPECTS YOUR PRIVACY!  CS NEVER ‘phones home’ on its own unlike other products which comprise your personal privacy and security)
  • Too many other features to list!!!
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Captcha Sniper Solves More Than 400 Different Captcha Types or Platform Combinations And Works with Your Internet Marketing Tools

If you don’t’ want to waste your money for nothing, it is better to consider having Captcha Sniper at your side. Captcha Sniper is an auto captcha solving software that solves captchas for you without having to pay per captcha. It works by intercepting calls to well know captcha solving services known as decaptcher via HTTP post and works well with any marketing tools such as SenukeX, Ultimate Demon, Article Marketing Robot and more.

Why you need Captcha Sniper? Well… When you use SenukeX, ScrapeBox, Ultimate Demon, Article Marketing Robot, Sick Submitter or any other Internet Marketing Tools, you know how important captcha solving services are. But, the problem is when you it again and again… You know that your credits will burn up fast. By using this Captcha Sniper you really don’t have to worry about spending a lot of money because you don’t! Just try once and see how it can work out for you.

If You Spend A Lot of Money on Captcha Services, Then You Need This…

captcha sniper


Here’s What Captcha Sniper Can Do For You!


Save Your Money

Captcha Sniper is a one time payment auto captcha solving software with free lifetime updates. It can breaks and solves hundreds of different captchas for FREE. It means, there’s no need to spend a lot of money when you are doing SEO campaign. You can create tons of backlinks every day as much as you want and that’s indeed a great saving and great news. With Captcha Sniper you only pay the software one time and have it solve captcha for a lifetime.


Solve Captchas For You

Captcha Sniper supports more than 400 unique captcha / platform combinations (this doesn’t include additional hardcoded mappings). This software is designed and created in order to work well together with different kinds of popular and likeable platforms, which also include different types of online sites and hosts such as the Blogengine blogs, Wodpress, and many other types.


Work Successfully with IM Tools Below

And the List Above is Still Growing Daily
Here’s What People Are Saying About Captcha Sniper


“Alright, Just hit today 50,000k captcha’s today finally… Saved Big amount of money. Thanks GUYS for Awesome TOOL!!!”
“Bought this about 1 and a half month ago because I had some leftover cash, didn’t think I’d save much on it but here I am now. I’m not a very hardcore user but so far I’ve used CS for 151k captchas.. that means I’ve saved about $200…In one and a half month. Recommend this to anyone who does SEO or well..has anything to do with captchas that’s”
“Hi All,

I just bought my Capcha Sniper last week after I read all the reviews in BHW VS Captcha Breaker. I have download Captcha breaker and test their software, they interpret all chapcha solving including failed one as SOLVED. This is totally wrong and marketing tactic.

So Captcha Sniper is the Best! And The Support is amazing! Seriously!

I had a setting problem on my personal computer that has NOTHING to do with the software. But the service after sale is just excellent! The programmer ( I forgot to ask his name ) Have chat with me and took HOURS of his time for 2 days try to help me out. He even wrote a debug version to help me to detect the problem in my computer.

Now that is 5 stars service! He even offer to refund to me if I don’t want to wait. This is a very professional and honest person behind the software Captcha Sniper! Respect man!

Now the software is running like a charm on my computer! This software works so well.

During my chat with the support of Captcha sniper, I was being introduced to the NEW version Captcha sniper on Skype.

It has a lot of improvement, as much as the GUI and the core functionalities. I can’t wait to use it once it will be out!
Anyways, I just want to leave my review of how happy I am as client with this product and I hope that my review can help on those who is searching to buy an Captcha solving software.




You Don’t Have To Pay The Full Price



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For a Limited Time Get Captcha Sniper for $197 $97 only $70


 Captcha Sniper is a one time purchase, not a monthly subscription, with FREE lifetime updates. The license is for a single PC only. Captcha Sniper has been tested on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.